Audition for FCWS


Our Audition Process

Overview of Our Needs

Because we strive to provide our musicians with fun, challenging and constructive opportunities to perform new and traditional symphonic band compositions with other professional musicians, the Fort Collins Wind Symphony is an organization that our members love to participate in, resulting in low musician turnover. Official openings in the ensemble are rare. When openings for concerts, seasons or seats do occur, our personnel manager and music director use our current substitute list to develop a plan to meet upcoming needs. Typically, musicians will join our substitute pool before being invited to become regular members of the organization.

To Be Considered

To participate with the Fort Collins Wind Symphony as either a substitute or a regular member, you will need to send the president of the board of directors a recording that demonstrates both your musicality and technical ability on your instrument. The choice of literature is entirely up to you, but should demonstrate the upper level of musical difficulty that you feel comfortable with to give us an idea if you will be successful with the level of music of the ensemble.

Once the president of the board has received your recordings, they will be distributed to the musical director, personnel manager, and section leader/key section member(s) that you are interested in joining. Each person will listen to the recordings and forward their comments to the personnel manager and musical director and, if appropriate, the candidate will be added to the substitute list. Candidates should expect a communication from the personnel manager within a month of submitting a recording regarding current status.

In most cases, players will be a substitute member for at least one concert so everyone can make sure that it is a good fit. Members of the section will be asked to give feedback on the candidate’s playing and ability to fit into the section. The musical director and other board members will listen for music preparation and how the candidate’s sound fits into the section. The personnel manager will consider communication and rehearsal/concert punctuality.

During the summer board meetings (June and July), current membership is evaluated and openings (if any) are determined. If a permanent opening exists, the musical director, in consultation with the board of directors, determines who, from the substitute list, should be invited to join the ensemble. Changes to this policy may be made as needed for the health of the ensemble.

What to Submit

  • A current biography that focuses on your musical performance experience
  • A short, current (within the last year) excerpt that demonstrates musicality
  • A short, current recording that demonstrates technical proficiency

Submit to:

  • Scott Schlup, President of the Board of Directors
  • Send .mp3 or .wav files by email to:
  • Send CDs or other media by post to: 1515 Coral Sea Court, Fort Collins, CO 80526